Gafoors donate homes to less fortunate families

first_imgIn another act of astounding generosity, Sattaur Gafoor and Ameena Gafoor through the Gafoor Foundation, on Saturday donated homes to two less fortunate families. The homes, though not fully completed, were constructed at a cost of $9 million each.Oliver Kerr, a visually impaired father of two, received his first home – a flat, two-bedroom concrete house located in Sophia, Greater Georgetown.Kerr had approached Sattaur Gaffor seeking assistance to build a house, as he had nowhere to live with his wife and two young children. Ameena Gafoor explained that her husband, when he heard of the Kerr’s genuine need situation, took on the responsibility of building them a home.“We operate something called the Gafoor Foundation where we help people in need. We try to see those with genuine needs and help them, and we also try to keep children in school. Oliver Kerr, who is blind, approached our company and said that he and his family have nowhere to live. So we thought we would rise to the occasion and fortunately he had this bit of land here. If someone does not have land, we cannot put down a house for them, so fortunately for him he had this bit of land. So the next step was for us to try and get a house erected and this was promised to them before the fire which was just a month ago.”According to Ameena Gafoor: “It took us about three months to build this house so here we are today. The house is somewhat incomplete but soon they will get all the finishing touches but basically they have a house and all the necessary facilities to function until we put all the finishing touches in place. And we are very happy to help the Kerr’s…we have known Oliver for a very long time and know of the circumstances”, she explained.She further revealed that she would be taking the responsibility of furnishing the home. “I am going to help them put in beds and chairs. If they need a stove, we will help them. Also, when the kitchen is complete we will try to help them with a fridge so that the children can grow comfortably. They deserve a decent and comfortable house,” she explained.She further related that the Gafoor Foundation was founded in 1992 when she and her husband returned from overseas, and noticed the need for such an organisation which would assist the underserved and less fortunate.Philipa Kerr expressed her appreciation to the Gafoors for their kindness. She related that it would have been quite difficult for her husband and herself to construct a home, given their circumstances. She recalled the moment when she was told that the Gafoors would be building them a house, telling  Guyana Times that she was at a loss for words. “I am very much happy. I want to thank God for Mr Gafoor and his family who gave us this house that I can enjoy and live comfortably with my family,” she stated.Meanwhile; Bibi Ramjit, 61, an ailing widow, also received her flat concrete house at Schoonord, West Bank Demerara.The woman explained that prior to receiving the home from the Gafoors, she was constantly moving from one relative’s house to the next. Struggling to contain her tears, she expressed thanks to the Gafoor family: “I feel so happy that I own my own home, I must thank them for building my house because if it wasn’t for the Gafoors I wouldn’t ah own my own home.”She related that she bought the land a number of years ago, and had begun constructing the foundation of the building. However; after her husband passed away, she was not in a financial position to continue the house.The contractors of the project expressed pride at being able to play a part in the kind act. They explained that they were very happy to be working for such a generous employer, saying: “we are very proud about what Mr Gafoor is doing for the less fortunate.”last_img read more

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