Love Shanghai algorithm does not change the law you lost


recently launched the "love Shanghai Lee on the chain that judge" hit many webmaster! The reason is very simple, before the show is not a chain form many owners are not qualified with the description about the chain, because the official did not specify, so a lot of the chain are doing out of the. Now suddenly love Shanghai official gave a description of the chain, said now most of them are not qualified, this is nothing more than to a webmaster. "" a head-on blow in stationmaster chain did not find a better way, you will not be confused with read more

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ndividual Shanghai Dragon diligence and careful to create cheats share ranking

in Shanghai Longfeng in recent years, the industry from ignorant to understand, website optimization promotion in all walks of life, although not made much progress, but the site keywords or can almost see the effect you want, believe this is one of the most satisfying thing, just start from the most basic, only know how to send the chain Links exchange, etc., to optimize the customer individual enterprise station, to the optimization of the portal site, can be said that each stage is to pay a lot of sweat, learn something that is very much, the accumulation of experience to make their own leap in this area. read more

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