E commerce is playing out

often do shopping in the supermarket after the small ticket can participate in the turntable sweepstakes, recently launched an international top earning international currency lottery activities, but also very rich prizes. B2B e-commerce sites can also be so high feel a little fresh. In the general view, compared with the traditional e-commerce business, the two sides are to complete transactions through electronic means, both sides of the lack of a sense of trust, even if the transaction is completed, the two sides are still very strange. B2B e-commerce website through such activities, not only can increase the viscosity of the site, but also increase the user’s sense of trust.

we generally think that B2B e-commerce site in addition to looking for business opportunities, send information, it seems there is no other fun. In fact, B2B e-commerce site in addition to meet the supply needs of enterprises, but also to meet the needs of communication and communication between enterprises. Because of the transition from the one-way information release to the interactive and interactive, it will be an inevitable trend in the future. B2B e-commerce sites can also be from the silence outbreak, followed by customers high up.

reign in terms of customer experience under the foot work, has just launched a sweepstakes, customers can publish information in the website on occasion Tongbao Jitong earn coins, and international currency to participate in the lottery, the winning rate of up to 50%, which is the iPad touch prize you love, as well as cash and bill etc.. Activity just started two days, the enthusiasm of the majority of users is very high.

The person in charge of site

occasion Tongbao said: "this way our website to international currency is the main draw, stand in the perspective of customers, let the customer get the surprise at the same time to publish information and seek business opportunities. This not only increases the viscosity of the site of the customer, but also increase the trust of customers on the site, but also to create a relaxed business atmosphere."

with the rapid development of e-commerce, the customer experience on the site are increasingly high requirements, the B2B electronic commerce website in the information released at the same time, also should let the customer feel relaxed, strengthen customer communication and dialogue, let B2B e-commerce website high, to allow customers to play them. Will know, the original e-commerce can also play out.

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