Forecast of development trend of B2B industry in China in 2014

is probably one of the hardest things to do in the world. The general thought, the development of the industry must rely on market development, will depend on the needs of users, and the Internet to break the tradition, many times not to meet the demand but in creating demand and rapid iteration, so the forecast on the Internet is more difficult.

B2B development may be a little better, the amount of the transaction, the decision-making process, payment rules, and so determine the B class enterprises compared to the operation of a more calm, low-key, traditional. As a result, 2B elder brother took guts, relying on these years of observation of the B2B industry, the 2014 and the next few years, the development trend of the industry to make bold predictions.

1, B2B definition extension, Ali B2B platform which is from a class of

mentioned B2B, is not immediately think of Alibaba, HC? Tell you, from the beginning of 2014, B2B has been defined and can not be so lenovo.

B2B (business-to-business), literally refers to the public business, is the business between the enterprise buyer and the seller, we call it "B2B business". This form of business, whether or not the Internet has e-commerce, there must be.

enterprise business is the core business and non core business two categories, non core business, logistics, marketing refers to transactions, payment, recruitment, customs clearance, finance, survey and so on, these businesses tend to have a certain universality, can be outsourced to professional service company. To meet these common services, is the B2B service company. Service enterprises, and become B2B service platform.

B2B service platform is a typical third party service provider. There is a class of most domestic third party service providers are concerned, that is we often say that the third party e-commerce platform operators, such as Ali hc. In fact, the other third party service providers are also diverse, such as financial services providers, logistics service providers, service providers, comprehensive foreign trade service providers, etc.. For example, Shenzhen is a B2B foreign trade service platform, B2B recruitment service platform, rookie logistics platform, B2B project is a network service platform is the B2B questionnaire survey and so on, all belong to the category of B2B service platform. That is to say, Ali HC is only part of the B2B industry, but not all. However, due to Ali, HC serve the mass of the enterprise, the huge amount of users, so the impact is the biggest.

Internet is the basis of enterprise information, enterprise information technology to complete the internal business process, the external business processes of digital electronic technology is more smooth. And Chinese companies obviously skip this stage. The trend of network pressure also allows business owners to move closer to the third party e-commerce platform operators, the B2B operators led by Ali also won the great opportunities for development, to solve the problem of asymmetric information in the enterprise made important contributions. But now, when enterprises >

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