Online advertising with 4 factors to promote the value of

advertising is the main way for enterprises to promote the product, from the development and evolution of the media, we can see the transformation of advertising. From newspapers to radio, advertising signs and publicity high streets and back lanes of various drawings to TV media intervention, then to today’s hot Internet advertising. An overwhelming amount of advertising illustrates the importance of advertising. For webmasters, what we do is the website, and the network advertising is our main way. In the overall promotion of the site occupies an important position in the program. At the beginning, we will think that online advertising like ads on TV, as long as the money will give you a fixed time broadcast, fixed time display, and network advertisement is in fact different from the television media advertising form. It contains a variety of forms: in addition to other sites on the location of each banner, also contains the search engine keyword advertising, advertising by e-mail, search engine PPC advertising form fixed position etc..

owners in the advertising put the hope that the advertising can attract the attention of users, to the site to bring more hits, ignoring the nature of the characteristics of online advertising. Internet advertising is the use of the Internet platform to the Internet users to pass the product and corporate information is a marketing tool, it is necessary to bring the benchmark for the enterprise or the site’s earnings. In the daily network advertising marketing, the effect of network advertising often determines the results of the entire network marketing.

(1) the effect of online advertising with a reasonable way to put

The purpose of

network advertising is not only to allow users to see their products or corporate information, but also should be able to provide some valuable information for users. Internet users in order to obtain useful information on their own to search information, browse information, read the information. From the way users access to information, we put in the online advertising based on Internet users in the use of the internet. Out of the use of Internet users, online advertising, it is impossible to achieve the purpose of network marketing. Internet users to obtain information about the behavior of online advertising should be more reasonable. Many webmasters take the search engine keyword way to online advertising, this also shows that this form of online advertising can get a high click through rate. For pictures and text ads on the site, the click rate is far from the search engine.

(2) the effectiveness of online advertising with the help of a valuable platform

search engine keyword ads will basically use Baidu, Google search engine to carry out two. For other forms of online advertising delivery, the platform does not like these two exclusive party. Whether you can get an effective click, depending on the network advertising platform. For example, the software product advertising on the network can choose the clothing store in the supermarket on the platform, program delivery and VANCL, which can bring more value? Without considering the amount of advertising on the platform, not only in the products related to the delivery, but also to visit a large amount of people "

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