See how to get the site from the webmaster chain

new station, there is a problem, is the promotion of the website is not good, feel the friends of the promotion can not find the clue, read a lot of articles have mentioned the importance of website promotion website chain and Links, this article from the website of the chain to the Department of commentary.

I novice, there is wrong, I hope you give more valuable advice, QQ271690373 blog Welcome to exchange,

today’s topic of the chain, from the webmaster network, we make new sites, everywhere do the chain. According to the article in the past to say the way to Baidu post bar. Forum posts, hanging personality signature and other common methods. But, in my tests, the promotion of these methods is better, but the effect is poor, it is mainly a direct link in the post, basically be the moderator to delete posts, do not delete it, this estimate is not optimistic about the Baidu website. We also see the webmaster network Baidu included better. Others in the hair of the article advertising plus links, in fact, the quality of the link is not very high, it is better to send the article directly to the webmaster network.

novice just started the article must be relatively simple, like me, to write some of their own experience, experience, so that it can bring better results, the article notes the following

original article originally had the advantage of

second Baidu Adsense network updates faster, I sent the article at 2 in the afternoon, the 4 point is that Baidu will be able to search for

third a lot of small Adsense stand in the transfer of the webmaster nets, increase your site of the chain

fourth to leave your contact information, but also to learn more webmaster, increase the opportunity to link the site

fifth hair article to list a few points, with the first, second and so on, it is conducive to reading users do not look tired

hope that more exchanges, there are views directly and I QQ exchange.

novice grassroots also grow up one day

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