Promotion of learning the new QQ Promotion Law

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QQ is the most important Chinese chat tools, how many users, I don’t know, I don’t want to know, as long as I know many, the use of such tools to promote the site indifferent effect is very good, some research results are given below to promote learning, I hope to help you.

1) QQ ask, with 10 QQ, each QQ plus the best people, then ask questions or answer questions, language appropriate, appropriate to add your website URL, you are watching the traffic statistics.

2) also surging, with 10 QQ, each QQ as much as possible and a friend, and then through the robot to update some thousand passengers mood, your great friends will receive information, recommendations updated once a day, not too much, or hate.

3) QQ love, many people love QQ love to send some message, blessing, of course you can also go to send some promotional website advertising, but a good word, the effect should not be poor.

4) QQ QQ built space, space, space more friends then every write a blog, or published mood, your QQ friends will receive information, operation methods and writing about the same.

5) QQ mailbox, this method is the most powerful, suitable for the promotion of community forums, buy a QQ mail envelope, not expensive, and then log into the QQ, give his friend a letter of invitation email, construct each other into certain forum messages, this is a bit tedious, but absolute good results.

believe that the promotion of learning, is to believe in yourself!

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