Promotion of public welfare activities from online to offline clever extension

as a webmaster, when it comes to website promotion is easy to think of soft Wen, SEO, e-mail promotion, BBS promotion, advertising, information dissemination and other conventional promotion. Good promotion can bring a huge flow of return to the site, thereby enhancing the visibility of the site. But now the Internet industry wind blow site, various sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like emerge, due to fierce competition in the industry and a sharp increase in the number of sites, the promotion is not so easy. Whether it is a free promotion or pay promotion, in order to receive a significant effect is not an easy thing. Many owners have complained that this site is good, the promotion of difficult. Therefore, the development of new channels to promote the majority of owners have to think about the issue.

Internet as an exchange of information sharing platform, not only assume the task of promoting the dissemination of information exchange, and more and more as a "public service platform" role. The continuous development of the Internet online public welfare activities not only enhance the cohesion of the network, influence, but also for social welfare has made a lot of contributions. Public welfare activities can not be separated from the support of the network, and the development of the network is to take full advantage of the public service line brought about by the good social effects.

08 years is dogged by bad luck year, the beginning of the snowstorm, and the 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake to the motherland and the people’s hearts have left deep wounds. Internet users and Internet companies and websites have carried out various public welfare undertakings, dedication to human resources, give their love. From the online publicity and mobilization of public welfare, to carry out the actual activities of the line. The Internet really become the link between online and offline network of public service activities, to convey the people’s voice and contribute to the public service, and by extension to the actual public welfare activities. "I love the power transfer" has become another important theme of the internet.

every Internet user and Internet practitioners should actively participate in public welfare undertakings. Extensive public welfare activities not only contribute to the community, but also directly enhance their cohesion and influence, played a role in the promotion of intangible. The role of public welfare activities have been valued by many Internet companies and websites. During the period from May 12, 2009 to May 25th, net interest in playing together Baidu small orange light to the disaster area children gift stationery activity is a good interpretation of the essence of Internet activities, not only will love the line extends to the line, will also be popularized by the line extends to the next line.

webmaster satisfied think website promotion can not only one-sided pursuit of flow, more attention should be paid to the long-term effect of promotion brings. So the website should actively participate in various social welfare activities, especially at this stage is the personal webmaster have sought a transition period, more and more owners choose to do local vertical industry portal sites, relying on the local society and the people, only through various public welfare activities actively integrate into the local community, to better improve user cohesion. Improve the site’s influence.

There are many ways to participate in public welfare activities

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