Reasons and benefits of my blog

tell me why I write my blog. Although I was a science and engineering, but has always liked to read some of the literature books, and occasionally write something, it should be said that writing is a kind of complex. Because time is too little, mainly because it is too lazy, very few insist on writing. Later, the school website and network promotion, found a very important method in network marketing is the promotion, the effect is better, and it is a reflection of the strength, have the ability to promote the soft are often able to determine a network to promote the level of.

I have carefully read the success path of some network marketing expert, they found no blog master. Look at their posts, but there is not much use, not to mention how many words, is to share their experience in network promotion. I think they can do what I should, what is lacking is to stick to it.

and I started to build their own independent blog, I do this technology was born, it’s not a problem for me, will not go into building method. I began to write the blog built their first network promotion blog "how to optimize the content of WeChat to make forwarding amount and the amount of reading over two times", to the Admin5 website submission, about one to two hours of time, my article published by the audit. This is a great encouragement to me. Before looking at the cattle people’s blog will know the effect of the A5 hair article is better, in addition to the site itself has traffic, will be forwarded to other sites, you can also bring their own want to promote links. I look at the Baidu search for the title of the article, it was reproduced by a lot of websites. That’s what I didn’t want to think before.

began to write blog from April to now has been nearly six months, it is time to make a summary. Half a year is basically at least a week to write a blog, although a little less, but I think it is the most important to adhere to. What are the benefits of six months of blogging?.

first in the face, said the blog to write a good, you can publish to A5 such a number of platforms, will make a lot of webmaster reproduced, of course, can bring their own blog links, can play the role of marketing promotion. Since the update algorithm of search engine, now the chain has become more and more difficult, through an original article, let your blog produce dozens of the chain, it is commendable, in general, I will be the primary Wu Erfan blog address at the bottom with the load transfer: * * * Please keep. Probably more than half of the forwarder will be retained.

second write if not published on other platforms, can also exercise their ability of thinking. I generally are from the network promotion of their most familiar writing, write down that you have done, is a summary of the basic thinking, do not forget, the writing process is also a process of thinking, often there will be some new experience, can be done next time to do promotion the better. The more clear the idea, the expression of their work in the ability to enhance the work of their own is also a kind of promotion.


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