How clever use of Baidu know to promote their website

learning network promotion is also more than a year, and also learned a little bit off the SEO experience. But it can only be regarded as the door, only to reach the master of the master said the 3 phase of the first stage. A lot of friends heard the estimated 3 stages only mentioned SEO, I will be here directly quote, showing off the first level: do one or two or three target keywords ranking; second levels: do the ranking of an industry most relevant keywords; third levels: through the SEO, create a new key. It can be seen that learning SEO is a long process, share together.

recently I was responsible for the promotion of an enterprise website, also began to use Baidu’s resources to promote their website. We all know that Baidu accessories to his own product weight is quite good, we can use: Baidu space, Baidu post bar, Baidu know, Baidu encyclopedia, etc.. Baidu Post Bar audit is extremely strict, it can be said that we are not fighting with the administrator. Just made a little bit of the entrance of the company’s product name will be immediately deleted, let alone with a link. I made a few articles there, and then disappeared after F5. Then the reply with a link is the thrill, at the moment the danger of closure. So I’m going to talk about the risk coefficient is relatively low, but the effect is not bad Baidu know.

now has a majority of people use Baidu to answer to promote your website, this is also a good way. But I think this is not very good, but also trouble, after all, you have to change the IP account. In fact, we can directly use other people’s questions, such as: I am now the company is to promote the promotion of micro projector, then we can expand the scope of the search for Baidu to solve the problem. For example, we search the "projector", and then find a few of them can answer the question, a serious reply. If you don’t know I do not know how to answer also never mind, a direct copy of Baidu search similar questions to find an appropriate answer to copy, change a little bit, in reference to put on their website similar articles, this review will greatly increase the chance of. But to remind you, compared with some high level Baidu know account, just apply so add links, too fake, success is not high either, luck will be banned for Baidu it’s not worth it.

finally thank you for reading this article carefully, do not write good advice.

this is the original SEO planning, the article starts in Pingxiang seo:, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you for your cooperation!

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