Taobao services arrears over 30 days of Amoy identity was banned


] May 4th news billion state power network, the latest learned billion state power network, Taobao open platform will make the corresponding measures according to the API technical service fee arrears, not more than 60 days to pay the service provider, the identity will be frozen, at the same time, will cancel the qualification of amoy.

it is reported that Taobao open platform since April this year, the formal charges, service providers in the call API interface data, will be charged in accordance with the number of calls. The API technical service fee by the Alipay business, according to the actual consumption of the fee, can also be through the pre recharge way to complete the payment account.

according to the provisions of Taobao open platform, service provider account once in arrears status, Taobao will immediately freeze the seller in Taobao service market application sales revenue, and suspend settlement, until it is in all App key corresponding to Taobao open platform API technical service fee in full payment.

if the business arrears of more than 3 days, is divided into 6 grades for the corresponding punishment. Among them, most of the arrears days for more than 60 days, in addition to the suspension of the service providers of all API calls, will have been frozen service market service provider identity, cancel the current Amoy qualification, and cancel the next phase of Amoy award qualification.

API technology to deal with arrears of service fees

Taobao said it will expire in the next settlement period after the expiration of the service provider to restore its application sales revenue settlement.

at the same time, Taobao also emphasized that if service providers often appear payment arrears, the application may be illegal deduction and service market combination, namely service provider application arrears number more, there may be penalized.

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