used to be a beautiful picture station

      it is the time from the beginning of 2000 to do "in high school, but has not how to get a personal website, high school is to help friends to do the personal station (in fact, the main purpose is to give users see the QQ), the university after the school admissions website to do a strange combination of circumstances. After graduation into a network company, responsible for buying space. Contact a large number of webmaster, often and they have communication, inspired by these webmaster, I began to consider doing a website, but the theme has not been determined. Later, with a picture of the webmaster when he gave me advice, do beautiful pictures stand, he said the flow is quite high, and very profitable, so I began to collect beautiful pictures everywhere.

      because at work, there is no energy to write their own procedures, so on the Internet to find a more suitable for me to think about the image management procedures, their slightly changed, the background is even set down. The next time is to collect the beautiful pictures on the web site, so I began to add crazy (at that time silly, did not expect to collect). So I work in the company to add data, go home eat quickly and add data, every day to 3 at night, 8 in the morning and rushed to the company, this time for about a week, the database also basically full of it, the picture also has more than and 10 G, almost can be released.

      change the official domain name, in the company’s internal price to buy a space, "I love my sister" website officially opened.

      after the opening, of course, is quite concerned about the flow problem, at least a day to see dozens of statistics.
      the first day: 5
      on the second day: the 18

      third days: 12

      was anxious, this is not a way to go ah, began to want to fold promotion.

      the company’s permissions on the server to add bulk to picture watermark, and then put these pictures sent to all the beautiful pictures on the forum, the general forum has, but mainly in the beauty forum. Do not say, so the effect is still very obvious, less than a week on the IP on the 1000, the flow of 50% is coming from these forums. After the site was released 15 days later, Baidu’s collection began to bring traffic over the beginning of the day with dozens of IP, and then slowly more up. A month later, site traffic on the 4000, the happy, to apply for MMS >

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