Chinese nternet hacker survival money Empire hero in close up and bandits

Abstract: today’s hacker culture has declined." If we say that the first hackers in the pursuit of fun, exploration spirit. Now, more people are looking for more practical names and benefits.


my favorite high IQ crime drama, "suspect" (person of interest) to track the end of this summer, watercress score 9.6 points.

protagonist Finch is a hacker, "911" on the second day, he wrote a program to monitor human behavior, predict terrorist attacks the machine (machine baby), sold to the government for $1 price.

Finch is a hidden behind the scenes of the rich and hackers genius. His college friend Ingram for he has been standing in front of the stage, as the success of CEO. But Ingram found that the robot can not only predict terrorist attacks, but also can predict the crime of civilians. Every day, the baby machine will spit out a string of numbers, but the government is not interested in crime against civilians, they are focusing on terrorist attacks.

those who can obviously avoid, but because the government is not killed as a person, has been plagued by Ingram. What’s more, the numbers are growing every day. Ingram want to make the truth public, but Uncle Finch also started to not take it seriously. Until Ingram died, Finch himself injured his spine crippled leg, he decided to save the world. Then he found a former CIA agent Reese, the two of them began to rescue. Of course, the story is not so simple, good and evil forces continue to emerge, and the government has secretly made another evil program of samaria. Finch, Reese to protect the machine baby, machine baby also protect them.

this hacker life is cool, isn’t it?

but the real world is not so.

May a hacker conference, hundreds of network security start-up companies and individuals, the majority of people came from all over, the purpose is very simple, BAT, 360, Jingdong and other Internet Co that get an order or opportunities for cooperation.

these people call themselves white hat hackers. But most of them are not at the level of genius. Huangshi (a pseudonym) said, there are publishers looking for him, with his experience as the main line, write a book on Chinese hackers. Huangshi did not read the University, is a computer in a secondary school, and began to come into contact with hacking technology.

"white hat and black hat are clearly defined." Huangshi said. Hackers have good good and evil, the integrity of hackers called white hat hackers (white passengers), patriotic red hat hackers (red), bad guy called hacker. What Huangshi did not do illegal things, but also the general technical level, did not do what the great shaking heaven and earth.


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