Liu Qiangdong at all costs to the Jingdong into a technology company play

Liu Qiangdong recently said that he is very eye-catching, first face blindness, do not know the tea sister is not beautiful, provoked a group of people eat melon irony with sarcasm in CCTV; say to the staff to pay five social insurance and one housing fund, attracting a good; to Gome and Suning in the billboard around Liu Qiangdong home in Suqian to buy at least five years down the buyout, until they leave Suqian until February 10th; then, the Jingdong opening conference speech, or by the major media, since the media have reproduced, because this is the Jingdong strategy for the next 12 years.

in a serious study of Liu Qiangdong’s speech, Kun Peng today to talk about some of the information we understand from it.


, to be strong in science and technology of the short board on the makeup of

and Ali, Tencent, Baidu, Jingdong lack of what?

Kun Peng believes that science and technology, although the rise of the Internet is relying on the Internet, but it is more than the application of technology rather than pioneers.


is also very good understanding, because China is application of Montana, especially in the Internet era, the application of Internet technology Chinese is definitely the first in the world, and the guidance of science and technology is completely different, so we see that before we venture mainly gathered in the business model, but unlike the U.S. is more entrepreneurial the innovation of science and technology.

you said this is weak or not, or Chinese love quick or that Kun Peng theory, but this is more in line with the stage of development, Chinese can be said that most of the world and the phenomenon of objective existence and economy are inseparable, and we believe that technological innovation will Chinese with the continuous development of the economy is getting better, more and more powerful. Just as before the Kun Peng said, the per capita GDP of less than $10 thousand, more and more people or the pursuit of the basic necessities of life, fuel, food and clothing, only to the basic needs of economic development is no longer a problem, people will have higher pursuit, you let people are hungry to engage in scientific research?

Kun Peng theory, when you listen to the speech, the meeting, must learn to listen to the meaning of pointing Jiangshan jiyangwenzi behind, because there is a truth that is harder to speak, speak loudly, continue to speak of things, the more is the most lacking, need to call brothers and their own together Chong, together, especially like the general meeting of the company CEO is even more so to speak.

so, Jingdong development has started in the first half of the Internet on the occasion, in the competition is to get rid of most of the new technology is still not pregnant, in the large-scale application of just a few years, began to make up a missed lesson, the first is to make science and technology course.

two, science and technology are accelerating the world

in the open conference, Liu Qiangdong used such a word "alarmist" leads to the strategy for the next 12 years:

"but I want to tell you that the times are changing dramatically."

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