9 Zhu Jun yellow croaker car

      I have seen such a story in many places, said a young man riding a yellow croaker in order to contribute to the family car to help others carry goods, 168 yuan for the first time riding freight cars earned, are not being used until today, but he was sealed in a frame.


story itself is not what in particular, to the now famous "entrepreneurial story and nine chairman Zhu Jun together is a lot more magic.

for the first time to pay attention to the "Nine" Chairman Zhu Jun is my "grand" in the service period, the number of online operational at the time of the "miracle" began to fall after a series of growth. At this time, Blizzard Entertainment began selling "World of Warcraft" in China, this is undoubtedly a godsend gave Zhu Jun a chance to turn the tide. Although there are a number of online companies in the proxy for the game, then regardless of the strength or capital are small 9 cities with "sincere" and took the throw the helve after the hatchet demon animal dealership in china.

then Zhu Jun took the "World of Warcraft" can fight to win or die. Zhu Jun will be able to use cultural background to negotiate, his American team and style to Blizzard left a deep impression. For example, the negotiation team members are able to use English answer fluently, Zhu Jun himself and all involved in the negotiations to ensure staff are wearing "World of Warcraft" how many million online at the same time a homemade t-shirt. And so on are good, and willing to accept the relatively harsh conditions and have become the "blizzard" finally choose nine factors as carriers. Of course, can not be ignored is that Zhu Jun is very good at using a variety of complicated interpersonal relationship strange arranged in a crisscross pattern. Determination and effort, for the former is still weak nine buried the days after germination and growth of seeds.

with a "World of Warcraft", "Nine" under the leadership of Zhu Jun, not only out of the verge of out of the dilemma, also bought a seat China network game VIP. "The intensity of nine then continue to increase," hassle "" miracle world "" sword of excellence "" Hellgate: London "," FIFA Online ", including the recent" Dance Mission 2 "are one win.

Zhu Jun is emotion, said in an interview: "if the year also won the" miracle "and" Ragnarok ", the distance between the cities and the grand will not so big." If Chen Tianqiao saw this sentence, he might think, if the "miracle" in the period of "nine mergers and acquisitions, or" grand "at all costs with" World of Warcraft ". So, today you will never have a "grand" and "9 cities meet as equals".

hero, especially in such a game with a game can turn the industry. Bigger and strong to dominate the market, unparalleled in the world. Any small mistakes are likely to develop a terrible enemy for himself. "Extensive grain" is a sign of Zhu Jun’s previous period on MSN. Take all the things you deserve

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