Shopping guide website scouring powder will be 100 million financing will increase the mobile termin

to do shopping guide "rebate idea of scouring powder it" Jing Lin capital 100 million yuan A round of financing, continued good guide direction, the financing will be used to increase the investment of mobile terminal products.

rebate shopping guide website "scouring powder it recently completed 100 million yuan of A round of financing, the investor is Shanghai king Lin capital.

is the so-called "rebate", users purchase orders and confirm receipt after shopping at Taobao 1:1 can be obtained using offset set points Po, is actually a disguised discount. Scouring powder it officially launched in June 2011, the first to create a rebate mechanism to advance the implementation of real-time user rebate, loaning third party platform also is the shopping guide, take the initiative to the user need to take time to bear down risk and financial risk. Secondly, "Amoy powder" with money rebates and incentives to recommend flowers and other virtual clothing fitting user upload true, namely "scouring powders" founder Liu Jun himself proud of "real shot".

in fact, since last year, Taobao narrowed after the entrance to the beautiful shopping flow, and as the representative of the shopping site affected, choose the positive transformation, the network shopping guide in this business is not to be optimistic. In this regard, Liu Jun admitted that almost every year, Taobao will launch a number of policies affecting the upstream shopping guide side, so that the loss of 20%-30% of the transaction amount, but then can be made up by a number of other innovative ways. If the future continues to ban the electricity supplier Taobao, the flow will remain in the station, then wash it can seek cooperation with other platforms.

according to the data provided by Liu Jun, currently scouring powder mobile client nearly 20 million, live more than one million, the annual turnover of nearly 10 billion. The reason for this financing, because he saw the mobile terminal electricity supplier is rapidly changing, the future may be very interesting, very new form out, so they want to speed up the exploration of this direction. They are currently doing a goddess called you get up, app, want to accumulate a huge amount of mobile social users, and then some combination of mobile providers. He said the development of this app is also very fast, in May there are already 3 million users on the line.

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