Adsense network broadcast 20 sites serious illegal advertising accounted for 32 93% from the media s

1 State Administration for Industry and Commerce: the 20 sites serious illegal advertising accounted for 32.93% 

March 25th news, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce announced on 20 web site advertising monitoring data. Monitoring of various types of online advertising a total of 1 million 56 thousand, serious illegal advertising 347 thousand, accounting for the total number of monitoring of 32.93%.

advertising illegal phenomenon in the pharmaceutical, medical, health care, food, cosmetics, beauty services and other areas is particularly prominent.

recently, the industrial and commercial departments throughout the country are investigating the phenomenon of illegal online advertising. According to the specific case published a Industrial and Commercial Bureau, illegal advertising network includes the medical industry to use the Internet for false propaganda, prominent under the Ministry of health "and other words, or no partnership with industry experts to conduct propaganda; in the cosmetics industry, exaggerated the effect on product performance, the effect of false propaganda, false promise.

2 founder of Lily Mu Yan: the best and most sensational advertising effect not the most profitable business model

dark horse games like a raging fire, all the chips, Crowdsourcing, Zhongxiang, in addition we exchange games, walking in front of the business bigwigs, also bring some dry cargo sharing for everyone, the following is the Yao Jinbo mission press officer, Lily network co-founder Mu rock dry cargo sharing, very dry.

metamorphosis long registration process won the user

today I want to talk about the main contents include two aspects: one is Lily network nearly 9 years of entrepreneurial process of product and business model exploration, the two is the brand building experience and lessons.

3" Baidu bought Fang " case sentenced 360 sentenced to infringement compensation of $50 thousand

March 25th news, because micro-blog in forwarding "Fang allegedly buying Baidu, the search giant is a crazy money competitors do negative remarks, Baidu reputation infringement grounds of Beijing Qihoo and its chairman Zhou Hongyi to court. Recently, the Haidian court ruling on the case, that although the Beijing Qihoo and Zhou Hongyi claims related to the actual situation of speech source, friends broke the news, but the release of micro-blog content was edited and the words change, there are some subjective intent, the Beijing Qihoo and Zhou Hongyi sentenced to infringement, compensation for economic loss of fifty thousand yuan of Baidu Inc.

the naming dispute originated in the dispute between 360 and Baidu. August 2012, 360 launched search engine, officially announced into the search field, and Baidu compete. Immediately, there are a lot of rumors on the Internet 360 browser to steal user privacy.

4 circle of friends incarnation of the congregation to raise the public to raise the platform to buy the army dispute

following P2P, the congregation to raise the Internet is becoming financial >

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