Clamping suspended at city’s Potato Market

first_imgNewsLocal NewsClamping suspended at city’s Potato MarketBy admin – September 30, 2010 449 Email Last month, the Limerick Post highlighted complaints from several motorists after they had been clamped while attending to their duties at the Courthouse and City Hall, where because of court sittings and meetings with city hall authorities, they were unable to return to their vehicles to insert additional money into ticket machines.Further good news for motorists is that council is to examine the possibility of introducing new by-laws against the clamping of vehicles. Cllr Kieran O’Hanlon repeated a call he made some months ago that clamping in Clare Street be prohibited.He revealed that on St Patrick’s Day a young mother with two children had “been victimised” by having her car clamped on Clare Street.“She parked in front of a business premises, which uses four or five feet of space for its own staff – half of the space is on the pathway and there’s a sign up that clamping is in operation. She was just a few minutes over the time and didn’t have €120 on her to pay the clampers., She had to wait, with her young children for almost two hours until a friend was able to get to her with the money. This is extortion – a motorist gets a fine of €40 for a parking offence – why is it €120 for a clamping offence?“We as a city council do not operate clamping  – it is antisocial and I was glad to see that this week the Market Trustees agreed that clamping in the Potato Market will be discontinued for a month. “I’m curious to find out the legal position on this and  hopefully, the city manager will agree that the by-laws in relation to the issue need changing as clamping is of no good to the commercial value of the city”.Equally opposed to clamping, Cllr John Gilligan described it is “the worst form of antisocial behaviour.“People are frequently left distraught on finding their car clamped – I know of a senior citizen who was picking up his grandchild from school and had no other way of getting home – it’s a draconian activity and should be stopped immediately. I don’t recall any discussion taking place on the clamping being allowed”.Cllr Kevin Kiely said that the Market Trustees had not been set up to compete with the city’s car parks.“I’ve made a complaint to the Planning Department and have asked them to investigate as I believe it is totally illegal”. Twitter Facebook WhatsApp Previous articleWelfare of city’s horses under reviewNext articleUnveiling of €20m stadium on October 8 admin Advertisement Linkedin Print Legal position to be exploredTHE clamping of cars at the Potato Market, alongside the City Courthouse, is to be discontinued for one month, while a review takes place.The property is owned by the Limerick Market Trustees.Sign up for the weekly Limerick Post newsletter Sign Up last_img

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