07 years of personal development and operation of the webmaster

      network service station is not a single source download station, a single soft exchange station, a single trading platform. Network service station all the documents of the tutorial, simple words, not too complicated.

      said simple FTP software to use it, you can each make a tutorial map, write their own way or skills, and provide the software download, finished, the original offer. For some software or software can generate advertising profits, the owners can also get some benefits. Simple software tutorial, take you ten minutes time why Why not?. Software to provide or recommend green, eliminating part of the installation of the use of distress. May not be able to use a simple and effective software because they do not understand english.

      forum program, the domestic forum several large programs are in use, the official website also has a tutorial. But they are all Bu system. Just for a single plate or the installation of the program tutorial, most of the webmaster for the database configuration, how to enter the background, there is a process of understanding. This gives us a direction, we can make several special database configuration. Some may be IP address, and some may not be, so that the installation of the forum program as well as the style of the installation of a lot of trouble with the use and communication. Suggest that we do some tutorials, let us look at the same time it can also provide VIP services. For grass with webmaster, you receive 50 yuan per month. Help him to install the program or do a style, many still willing to. Because it won’t, but you still need to teach him.

      Web site is also the case, such as the PHP168’s home page call, the style of the Empire to install, PHP2007 collection, as well as the use of DEDE topics, collection and use. The use of English templates are part of the webmaster in the problem, so that there is still a lot of development, but you have to pay a lot of labor.

      other soft Wen as well as your website development guidance is also one aspect. For example, you can suggest what you do, to write a site guide, grassroots webmaster will remember you, holding you as a star.

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