Party the first anniversary celebration of Shanghai webmaster Association

April 2008, Shanghai webmaster association one full year of life!

2007.4-2008.4, this is a passionate time. Looking back over the past year to go through the road of reclamation, too many people, too many things, so that we can not forget. Shanghai webmaster Association (SWP) has served as a webmaster, this year has been trying to practice such a purpose. Thank you for your support and encouragement to SWP in the past year. On the occasion of the first anniversary, SWP launched the first anniversary of the series of activities, and to "hand in hand, we co development" as the theme, to celebrate!


webmaster association from scratch, from small to large number of fans who have experienced too much experience. We want to relax, and your glasses, and laughter, have a happy holiday.

I (a party) in the name of a person, and on behalf of the Shanghai association to the webmaster webmaster and Internet operators counterparts, and once sponsored our IDC, advertising alliance business invitation, please join our series of celebration activities, everyone gathered together to join the festivities.

anniversary celebration will further strengthen the SWP and webmaster, Internet Co counterparts, sponsors of emotion and friendship between. The scene in the self-help activities of the Party, will by the beauty of stationmaster and chill stationmaster jointly hosted entertainment. You must free exchange, drink, entertainment, leisure experience enthusiasm of Internet industry gathering.

time: April 27, 2008 14:00

location: Pudong No. 836 Century Avenue, SOHO restaurant, line 2 Dongchang Road station, exit 3, walk 15 meters.

partners: solicit sponsorship partners

number: 70

cost: AA (the specific amount to be determined, not more than 50 yuan / person)

activity flow:

13:30-14:00 admission

Review and Prospect of



14:20-20:00 free Party


1, online registration Shanghai webmaster forum

2, with Tianyi, one side contact;

Zhang Tianyi


MSN group: [email protected]

phone: 13524431940



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