P2P net loan credit blacklist release rule Laolai can really cure

recently, a net loan credit blacklist event in the P2P net loan industry rolled up a wave, many experts and scholars, industry insiders, including some investors have been introduced into the focus of attention here…… Many people in the discussion, it should not have such a blacklist, in fact, in the treatment of P2P net loan credit problems and security issues, it seems that some people have been in the wrong. Because the net loan credit blacklist thing, can not take the words should not speak, but how to do credit problems.


net loan credit blacklist exposure is not the health status of net loan credit

if you want to ask net loan credit blacklist should not have, to be honest, there should be, this is not even discussed the issue. After all, thousands of years of human civilization tells us that people do not believe it can not stand, you can not even old debt is not even a file. You owe the bank does not have the money, and credit card repayment deadline miss is to be registered "record", and due to the net loan investors money! But, this should be the net loan credit blacklist "should be reflected in what way? There is in what form? There should be what person to carry out the collection of tasks, this is really worth attention and study.

of course, I was not here for Laolai to speak, to tell the truth, the net loan "Laolai" Welch is the investor’s money, his honesty is naturally to make people very angry, however, on the part of the net loan "Laolai", the "default" reason are not deliberately not also "heinous" or "sincere shamelessly", and the "net loan credit blacklist" approach, we do not say first this website whether the identity of the authority, credibility is strong enough, objectively speaking, with the help of the P2P platform to help creditors to do a bit too far, and this is not China’s credit industry the development of health status.


, on the net loan credit blacklist "current approach taken if motionless the overdue borrowers privacy (such as personal photos, mobile phone number, address, ID number, parents and friends of information etc.) public exposure," the list ", in the National People’s spittle in the future, no matter this person had overdue debt because of busy forget repayment, or just caused by some physical factors of the delay in payment, regardless of whether to pay off after, his dignity and image are estimated to have in the world the hearts of people playing deep Lai india. Especially for the next person to work the influence scope, so the "scandal" once the public world, is a slap in the face to face down, all the people saw, even the people of the world are likely to see, is lost to face boundless. Can be described as "yibaoshihan" to perfection. It seems that even the new rules, start with a clean slate Lixin almost did not give the opportunity to leave a tiny bit. Besides, people are not saints, all who no difficulties, who do not borrow money, rectifies the hell.


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