The United States South Korea and Germany to mobile phone pornography and pornography network manag

International Online reports: at present, China’s mobile phone network remediation vulgar special action is being carried out in the wind. In fact, the Internet, mobile Internet pornography exists in many other countries, some countries have developed strict laws to purify cyberspace.

United States: advocate for the protection of children’s website association with the site and enthusiasts to report and verify pornographic websites

in the United States, with the popularity of Apple’s mobile phone iPhone, mobile pornography has become an increasingly prominent problem. According to statistics, iPhone mobile phones in the global sales of nearly 40 million, only in the United States there are about 6000000 users. The vast majority of iPhone users through the Internet every day to watch online video on the Internet, many pornographic media companies specifically for the development of iPhone content. In California, the San Fernando Valley, the development of iPhone porn website hundreds of the. Many pornographic media companies claimed that iPhone is so far the dissemination of pornographic content, the most friendly mobile phone. Currently, the U.S. government has not taken special rectification measures, and mainly rely on mobile phone operators to shield the contents of the phone pornography. A spokesman for the Apple Corp said they would ban adult content in all official software, and that Apple’s software store would also block pornography. For mobile phone users through the browser links on porn sites, and available for free download third party pornography, Apple Corp said, has launched the "parental control software", in order to filter pornographic content in mobile phone. In addition, the United States has a lot of civil society appeal, the government should legislate to prohibit the operator through the mobile phone porn site network payment function.

mobile phone pornography is mainly achieved through the mobile Internet, so the main source of dissemination of pornographic information is the site. The United States on the regulation of pornography network legislation, mainly to protect children, there is no legislation for adults. The United States "children changer, machine number one mobile phone number registration system. It can be said that this mobile phone from the source to effectively control the spread of bad information, because if the received bad information, users can trace the sender through the proper way.

Germany: pornography experts and technical forces composed of online patrol 24 hours tracking analysis

Germany has a well-developed Internet, but also one of the few legitimate legal porn industry. However, Germany’s management of pornography is very strict. For example, Germany has a lot of restrictions on pornography and regulations: first of all, these sites must be registered in the relevant management agencies, the government will be on this type of site as a business site charge additional fees. Second, when someone visits a porn site, there will be a filter box, which shows that this is an adult porn site, only adults over the age of 18 can enter. Even with the content of the blog, Germany also requires such a filter settings. In addition, many of the visitors to the site must also provide personal information to prove his true identity. It is interesting to note that German law

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