The payment service or preparing for the PO suddenly Huanshuai

parent company Alipay group completed the CEO coaching gold suit ants.

October 8th, the Ant King service group official announcement said: since October 16th, the ant group chairman and CEO Peng Lei CEO baton to President Jing Xiandong.

in the future, Peng Lei will be the identity of the ant group chairman, focusing on long-term development of the company, globalization strategy, personnel training and cultural heritage. CEO well Yin Dong will lead the team responsible for the company’s business, strategy and implementation.

in IPO rumors period, this is a most striking gold suit Huanshuai ants.

43 year old Peng Lei is one of the founders of the Alibaba group, previously served as Alipay CEO in 2010 as the chief talent officer Ali group. October 2014, after the establishment of the Ant King service group, Peng Lei served as chairman and CEO.

Jing Xiandong and Peng Lei, 44 years of age. The difference is that well Yin Dong CFO origin, with nearly 20 years of financial management and operational experience.

public information, he joined Alibaba in early 2007, Peng Lei and partner for many years, served as Alipay CFO, COO, ant payment service commercial bank chairman. June 2015 served as president of ant gold.

Prior to the entry of Alibaba

, well Yin Dong worked in Guangzhou for 12 years. He was born in December 1972 in Anhui County of Quanjiao in 1994, graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of management, successively in Guangzhou Peugeot Automobile Company, McDonald’s global partner HAVI, Swire food companies such as Coca-Cola, in early 2004, as the Guangzhou Pepsi Cola Beverage Co. Ltd. CFO.

Peng Lei Jing Xiandong of the localization of

is the best partner of his own: "Eric’s enthusiasm, and optimism has been touched by a bear and encourage me, give me the incomparable help."

financial background of well Yin Dong good capital operation. Jing Xiandong served as CEO, may mean that he will lead the more than 6 thousand ant service group to accelerate the pace of IPO.

Internal evaluation of Jing Xiandong

‘s "low-key doer", his major contribution to the ant payment service includes: one is launched "the propeller" plan, and the ant has more than 200 banks, more than 90 fund companies, more than 70 insurance companies, a total of nearly 400 financial institutions to establish a cooperative partnership; another merit is that as the driving force behind the command to complete the ant payment service of private financing.

in July 2015, after the establishment of the ant gold service a year later, on the completion of the 12 billion yuan A round of financing, valuation of $45 billion; after 8 months, the ant service B round of financing $4 billion 500 million, valuation rose to $60 billion. Currently, the valuation of up to $75 billion ant gold suit, is one of China’s highest valuation of unlisted companies.

listing will be

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