Mobile phone free expert Q & a site ChaCha was 7 million venture capital

Beijing on December 24th news: according to foreign media reports, submitted to the SEC documents show that the mobile phone version of the Q & a site ChaCha days before get $7 million venture.

ChaCha confirmed the news, but did not disclose the specific list of investors. So far, the company received a total of $70 million venture capital.

ChaCha service is very helpful for mobile phone users. If you have any questions, you can ask questions via SMS or call 800, the site will be transferred to the "expert library" members. "Expert" is a person who is well versed in certain areas by ChaCha. A few minutes later, the answer will be sent to the phone in question.

ChaCha business model, however, there are still problems, since the site since its inception, they have several times to reduce the compensation for experts, but also forced layoffs. Nevertheless, ChaCha at the beginning of this year or $4 million venture capital. Currently, ChaCha’s mobile phone and computer version of the site each month in the United States to attract about 9000000 independent visitors.

ChaCha has recently begun to transition from simple Q & A services to digital discount coupon service.

in the field of online quiz, quiz free YAHOO has become the industry "overlord", collect fees to the user, rely on experts to provide the answer to the Google Quiz Competition in YAHOO was forced to put up the shutters.

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