Webmaster network broadcast the financial outsourcing network marketing return of 32 times the domai

1 network marketing, Phi Phi financial investment return rate of 32 times  

investment return rate of 32 times the annual income of up to $14 million 700 thousand…… Such words, from a network of financial website publicity materials. However, behind this beautiful vision, but hidden network MLM trap. Recently, covering 15 provinces across the country, the transaction amount of up to $about 2000000000 in the case of large network of financial pyramid schemes, surfaced in Guangdong, Shenzhen.

online game beans can make money, the return is divided into two kinds of static and dynamic…… In the fight against pyramid growing momentum at the same time, the criminal activities of MLM is also quietly changing the form of the "gold", attracting the attention of. Recently, the Shenzhen police cracked a network MLM cases, the number of people cheated reached 139 thousand.

claims a high return on investment, the annual yield of up to 14 million 700 thousand yuan


of Shenzhen City Public Security Bureau of Economic Crime Investigation Bureau, from May 2013 onwards, a criminal gang in the online promotion by MSA Holdings’ website to sell virtual game beans by the name "into a" two times out and static award system to attract participants to invest and become a member. At the same time, the gang direct push prize, organization award, award and awards in the form of trust lure membership offline, wantonly engaged in pyramid schemes to defraud money.

2 [popularity] on the domain name expires webmaster friends you know how much?  

[knowledge] on the domain name expires. The domain name space of registered vendors will notice to remind the user in half a month before the expiration of the domain name expires or three days by registered users to set aside the phone, QQ etc., is to avoid the user because forgot to renew and the impact of their access to the site can not be normal…… But this kind of thing happened not only, but also again and again, and three of all kinds of tragedy……

3 WeChat public brush amount of attack and defense outbreak will be staged cat and mouse game  

"sorry, software maintenance, suspended for sale." July 29th, the Beijing News reporter asked about the sale of WeChat public numbers to promote the Taobao seller, WeChat brush on how to read the charges, get the above reply. Beijing News reporter then asked the 5, the 6 sellers, reply mostly can not brush".

July 30th, the Beijing News reporter once again looking for a few of the Taobao store, the page has shown that I’m sorry, you do not look at the baby does not exist, may have been transferred to the shelf or." To WeChat brush reading volume as the keyword search, pop-up is: according to the relevant laws and regulations and policies, can not show WeChat brush reading amount of related baby.

recently, WeChat public platform to add articles to read the number and point like feature, very

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