All Customers asked to call CVPS if power is still out Friday morning

first_imgAll Customers asked to call CVPS if power is still out Friday morningCVPS is asking that all customers who are still without power as of Friday morning to contact the company at 1-800-451-2877.Due to damage in some areas that are affecting only single and small groups of customers, some without power may not be listed in the outage management system. As restoration efforts near a close, the company wants to assure that no one is left without power.If customers see that others in their neighborhood have power, but they do not, CVPS asks that those customers switch their breakers off and on to assure the problem is not localized inside their home.The company also reminded customers that while service lines or overhead wires that run from a pole to a house or business are the utility’s responsibility, the service cable that runs along the side of the house is the customer’s responsibility.If those service cables are damaged, customers should contact an electrician. The service bracket that attaches the service line to the house is generally maintained by CVPS. However, the weather head, attached to the service cable, which prevents water damage to the wiring, is maintained by the customer’s electrician.last_img

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