Method for rapidly increasing flow rate of entertainment station

everyone know entertainment station can earn money, especially the garbage entertainment station. So this stage I observe a moment, standing film free up once more, and they can see the basic station movie, I analyzed, mainly is some hotlinking video website, for example even-even, Youku and so on, from a certain extent, people should go to support the video website stand more, do not follow the trend to be noisy, Hu said pumping station video came in the winter, there is actually no thing, just say the number of people, will become true.

good nonsense a lot of talk, to talk about traffic problems

1, go to the chain, it is difficult to find, to do the content, also want to have a time to show how the effect, the fastest will flow up, there are several steps: 1, after your site, the first to apply for a text chain, at least for the 50 text chain. A chain of at least 100IP, the 10 is 5000 IP, the as long as you do it, the 50 text chain how to place the problem, that is as long as the place to plug up.

2, the list, the need to grasp the opportunity, each list will refresh the time, grasp the opportunity, to the top five, this time the flow will continue to give you.

3, Baidu must make good use of the so-called, leveraging the development, Post Bar, know. Post Bar’s trick is to send pictures, with pictures by clicking on the link, this area is increased, and the possibility to be blocked is relatively small, but also pay attention to avoid mass, Baidu’s letter was more powerful, does not do well can directly seal your station, so it is best in different. 100 a few days to see, was closed not fat, not the letter of this method is to continue to send, step by step, cannot persist, certainly not what can persist, will get more in return.

4, flow exchange, I have always stressed that. I saw several friends of the station, they have a channel connecting all is connected to the tune network, including the content of the connection, so that they will get more from the tone of network traffic, 1000IP looks almost every day, double the general 2000IP flow. If the 10 channels connected to the 10 traffic exchange website, 1000IP to a station, the 10 is 10 thousand, flow is very easy, here I recommend some good traffic exchange site;,,,

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