Look at 8 things in the operation is more important than for KP from the Alipay website

from the exposure point of view, Alipay’s social revision is still very successful, at least the sesame credit, social circle these buried deeper than the module, in a very short period of time has become the hot topic of discussion, almost did not make any extra PR to achieve full channel coverage, easy operation the team at KPI is expected to put in front of the products.


also KPI, also KPI, Alipay has repeatedly slot full point hair version finally let people want to understand a truth: "results oriented" mode to the Internet industry more efficient, but KPI is not equal to the "results", once the "result oriented" into "KPI" guide, very easy in the formulation of operational strategies when too much emphasis on data and become short-sighted.


has ant gold suit and a reflection to apologize, this farce ended, but there is still a lot of things worth thinking about, such as the Internet industry evaluation standard dimensions should not be so simple, when we operate a product, there are more important things than KPI waiting for us to complete……


, as a user. He said: do not want to let the family see advertising, do not do, do product operation is the same reason — it’s hard to imagine when his mom and dad in the mobile phone appeared in the circle of their own kind of shame, how to explain, I believe that Alipay employees now have such trouble.

a good operation meow is and must be sure of their products and heavy users, into the user’s context. The purpose of doing so is not only in order to avoid those who appear in high frequency in the use of only bug, is to get rid of the operator may appear "confirmation bias", namely "when people established a belief or concept, in the process of collecting information and analysis of information, the inertia of thinking to find a support for this belief the evidence produced in" tendency. Operation of the product, sometimes the real distance from the United states.

two, as a competing product users. If I were a member of WeChat payment team, I would have the Alipay bold ten thousand praise.

although the market rules of survival determines the product will absorb the difference between users, establish different cultural circles, but the user demands of similar products to solve is the same, but there is no guarantee that a similar scenario does not appear in the process of operation in future. So the user can become competitive products to help you are familiar with the consequences and impact of different problem-solving ideas, provides valuable experience to the Internet service case, but this time Alipay has played the role of.

three, and products become good friends. If I say Alipay’s operation, I would fight hard: the product department spent several years as a wallet, purse how abruptly to plug the small


although the division of labor in the Internet Co, the product and operation can not be mixed

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