A new rulebook on diving on the Croatian coast was presented in Rijeka

first_imgThis week, the agenda of the session of the Expert Group of Underwater Activities of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce was “Ordinance on the procedure and manner of issuing permits for underwater activities in inland waters and the territorial sea of ​​the Republic of Croatia in areas where cultural property is located.” “Our supervisory services are very good, from the captaincy to the inspections, and they will now have quality supervisory instruments. Namely, an electronic diving diary is being introduced, ie no longer paper, and diving organizers, either clubs or centers, will print this diary in electronic format. He will come directly into the hands of the captaincy and the police and that service, when they go out to sea, they will already have information on the position of which ship, with how many divers… So, with all the necessary information. Therefore, if they find divers who are not registered, they automatically go to the control”, Said Hitrec and continued. “Thus, the new Ordinance actually ultimately achieves greater security for all. When someone is killed at sea, whether registered or not, a whole team of rescuers and services rises to help the victim. All this costs money, they do not even have insurance, but what is worse, it is often not even known exactly where the victim is at sea. With the new regulations, no one will be able to get a diving diary if he is not a legal or natural person who must have the prerequisites to be able to do so at all.” You can find the ordinance in its entirety HERE. Ferdinand Hitrec, President of the Diving Tourism Section of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce of the Rijeka County Chamber, explained that the new Ordinance applies to all entities that participate in diving – those more professional, but also those less professional. It is for these reasons that the new legislation plans to introduce more order and increase security. Source: New sheet; Ministry of Culture; National newspapers He also said that the diving season lasts all year round, and during the summer months there are often the least organized groups of divers. Dry suits and the development of diving techniques have contributed to diving opportunities throughout the year. PRESENT YOUR DIVING CENTER FOR FREE ON THE MAIN WEBSITE OF OUR TOURISM – CROATIA.HR RELATED NEWS: The director of the Kvarner Tourist Board, Irena Peršić Živadinov, presented at the session the possibility of branding the diving offer through the brand “Kvarner diving” and “Kvarner diving plus”. In order to get one of these two stamps, the position of the center, equipment, period of operation, additional offer, accommodation of divers and the like will be looked at. Getting a stamp also means inclusion in a brochure, promotion on the website, fairs and the like. So far, twelve diving centers have shown interest. “Of course, we are already working with diving centers on promotions, we have been to specialized fairs and the like, and Kvarner has a very great potential in diving tourism.”, Concluded Peršić Živadinov. In addition to the new Rulebook, the Ministry of Culture also announced “Tender for the issuance of diving permits in protected areas – zones for 2019 – 2023.” CROATIA GETS A NEW UNIQUE ATTRACTION – THE FIRST CROSS ROAD UNDER THE SEAlast_img

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