Travel agencies have fought for the extension of measures to preserve jobs, but expect continuous and stronger day support

first_img1. Deferment of payment of other public benefits, the collection of which is within the competence of the Tax Administration, “Although due to the easing of measures, travel agencies are allowed to work, most colleagues, including myself, rightly wonder if there is a purpose to open branches at a time when, despite the good epidemiological situation, travel agencies still have the most rigorous business conditions. it further aggravates an already difficult situation. In such conditions, we insisted on the extension of support by the CES and we are pleased that our arguments addressed to the Ministry of Tourism were accepted. ” points out Tomislav Fain, president of the Association of Croatian Travel Agencies (UHPA). 2. Placement of new liquidity assurance lines with a longer period of use and Due to the coronavirus pandemic, travel agencies found themselves in an extremely difficult situation and were unable to operate regularly and suffered heavy losses. Grants for job preservation measures are important, but not the only support that travel agencies need and expect because, unlike other service activities that are enabled to work and that are able to generate turnover and ensure business liquidity, agencies do so, according to optimistic estimates. , will not be able to until the summer of 2021. The UHPA insists on additional measures such as: 3. Ensuring grants to the sector through EU funds.  That is why it is extremely important to ensure further continuity of support for job preservation, as well as additional measures. Also, Fain points out that UHPA proposed concrete measures to the Ministry of Tourism, and one of them was the continuation of support measures for June. Photo: “We welcome the opening of borders and the efforts made to place the tourist image of Croatia as a safe destination throughout Europe, but we must be aware that our current activities are laying the foundations for the 2021 tourist season, which will be a true indicator of whether and to what extent we have recovered. consequence of these current events. Although I am an eternal optimist, I am aware that many travel agencies will not be able to do business without state support, and we expect further support and measures in cooperation with the profession.. ”, Concludes Fain.last_img

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