Voice of Entrepreneurs Association: Tourism has been brought to its knees, and tourist workers have no benefit from the CNTB

first_img“One of the important branches that could save the Croatian economy has been brought to its knees! While other European Union countries are lowering VAT, Croatia has not done so, despite constant appeals. Also, at a time when the CNTB should be doing a great job of attracting guests and timely and adequate communication, Croatian tourism workers do not benefit from them at all. Now it is no longer an exaggerated claim: a fire is burning in tourism and catering, and there may be another month or two until the complete incineration – emphasize from the Committee for Tourism and Catering of the Voice of Entrepreneurs Association In these existing conditions, with high VAT, daily cancellations of reservations closely related to the number of patients with COVID-19 in Croatia, with a reduced number of tables in restaurants, large expenditures on disinfectants, strong parafiscal levies that are not given up as if we are living one of the best tourist seasons – there is less and less chance of survival. In addition, the state has given up on addressing the moratorium on leasing. Intervention is therefore necessary! In fact, it was necessary as early as yesterday.  We do not need pictures of the beaches of the Croatian Tourist Board now, we need quick media reactions, transparency in communication with guests, flexibility, articulated and targeted campaign adapted to tourism during the epidemic. We can say about the work of the CNTB that the budget of the Republic of Croatia depends on the liquidity of many companies and crafts, the survival of a large part of the Croatian economy, and their jobs should certainly depend as well. During this time in which the branch that drives the Croatian economy is on the verge of collapse, and the UGP is asking itself: what is the CNTB doing?  Also, the UGP points out that the UGP had more repercussions in the foreign media with its announcement about the safety and effort of Croatian tourist workers than the CNTB in these three pandemic months! The CNTB does not seem to be able to function outside the framework written in the regulations and laws of many years ago, it has a problem adapting to the market, not listening and not feeling the needs of tourism. The CNTB is a sluggish system lulled into the waves of the beautiful sea and beaches, point out the UGP. “If the Government does not reduce the VAT for everyone in tourism and catering to min. 13%, as the most endangered activities and if there are no key reforms in the tourism sector, and especially if there is a merger of the Ministries of Tourism and Culture, which we hope will not happen, a key branch of the Croatian economy loses perspective and falls to its knees. “ said Hrvoje Bujas, president of the Voice of Entrepreneurs association. Tourism and hospitality during the crisis COVID-19 is on its knees. There are no earnings and new investments, and banks and leasing companies do not react and do not make this difficult period easier for their clients, on the contrary. The business of companies, crafts, renters, event industry, carriers, shipping companies and all others who live from tourism, aims at only two things: to preserve jobs and preserve the liquidity of the company. “He still shoots videos and expensive commercials on the beaches, with umbrellas, shrimps on the buzara, on the islands and cities on the Adriatic. It’s like nothing’s happening. Their valid reaction was missing, and certainly, now more than ever, the necessary reorganization and reduction of the number of Tourist Boards. Their number, with the total number of employees, in a month will exceed the number of surviving companies operating in tourism and hospitality! The Croatian Tourist Board is fighting tourism, not tourism! ” said Gordana Fabijanic, a member of the UGP Tourism Committee. Therefore, the UGP is requesting urgent interventions from the Government of the Republic of Croatia, the Minister of Finance and the new Minister under whose responsibility tourism will be. They believe that it is necessary to lower VAT, as many European Union countries have done, and to pass a regulation by which banks will have to give a moratorium on loans and leases without charging interest. / / / MANY WORLD MEDIA FOLLOWED UGP ACTION AND #CROATIAISSAFE CAMPAIGN Photo: Kookay, Pixabay.com At a time when the whole world is trying to adapt to the new situation, when countries are reducing the VAT rate, balancing between epidemiological measures and saving the economy, Croatia is by no means doing enough. last_img

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