Who insist on blog marketing Talking about the reasons for not being able to stick to it

a long time ago to listen to the blog marketing this method to support the station or to use other people’s station to raise their own station, this year do not know how exciting. But ask so many webmaster. How many people use this method?


is unable to adhere to such a good blog marketing for? The following black with their own to say it for several reasons, that’s not good excuse.

1, the blog marketing effect is slower, why would slow? That new registered blog not much authority not just a popular blog ordinary you expect to have much effect? And then the number of blog has not come up. A person, a day to register a stick for a month is only 30, although now there are software can help register. But it is still difficult to achieve in this respect. But only a few blog power, how to show the prestige in the huge blog group inside


2, blog marketing more maintenance trouble, why bother? I am based on their own feelings to write. Update dozens of blogs every day. It’s a bit of a hassle. Constantly changing login is also a little trouble. I think this little difficulty should be scared to walk through a part of the webmaster.

3, the blog marketing content to find the weight of the blog is the publication point of accumulation. In general, as long as there is a new content release, it will be included, but where to find the right content?. Write your own score, but if you have dozens of blogs, you will feel a headache, because you may not be able to produce one day. Reproduced, although easy but not easy to score. Ask the same content of heavy Laiquan at all. Pseudo original, compared to the previous 2 Extreme methods. This is a compromise. Content this difficulty. Many owners should also be baffled.

4, blog marketing applications less than the ultimate. Many people think that blog marketing is only used in the blog content, but I do not know. Not only that, but if you are only limited to content, then the usefulness of a lot of blogs is wasted. The reality is that many people do not even take advantage of the blog content. Not to mention the application, signature, forums and other circles of friends.

5, blog marketing, how many webmaster take the sincerity to treat the two level domain name station? Attitude decides everything, if your attitude is correct, so even if it is very difficult that you start is possible at last he. If you’re not right, you’re wrong. So even if it’s a step away from success, you have a 80% chance of making mistakes.

blog marketing is always useful, we should attach importance to and use. Reprinted from http://s.www.3158-net.cn please indicate!

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