How do get 500 fans

on how to let others take the initiative to add you as a fan, I wrote a lot of similar articles, but the implementation of the very few, and many did not even look at, they began to ask how to add friends.

in fact, as long as you read my article, feel to have a good start, perform well to consider another point, but no action, do not ask a lot of light, if you ask for a user with your fans, you will have no one to write articles, no human user delivery value. To the world fall pie hit their own body, which come so much pie, you’re not a big star, someone chasing you every day, for these people, I just want to say quickly! Is not effect a.

(PS: This is the result of a month)

Two days ago in

news published an article showing the amount of more than 6 million 800 thousand, click to read more than 1 million 700 thousand, this article below one of my micro signal, the day I was with WeChat burst, count QQ day and my friend is not less than 500! And forwarded more than 15500, forwarding so much, there will be a follow-up to many people add WeChat or QQ friends, not just the first day so much, but this article brought 1000 fans should not be a problem. I don’t envy the night two or three points also wrote articles, conveying the value for the fans, you have done a few dreams, I have been writing for more than a month, do you dare? Do you have the courage? Don’t tell me what to write, don’t tell me about you write very worried I’m afraid other people laugh rotten, the first article is rotten. But I insist to write, write and continue to find the feeling, change the way a variety of trial and error before the fruit of today.

sometimes we are too comfortable, if the college entrance examination allows you to write a composition, I think most of us will know how to write, even if I do not know how to write casually write to write. Since it can be written at that time, why do not dare to write at that time to write bad also affect the university entrance exam, and now do not write well and do not affect you. Don’t say to you before the college entrance examination questions, give you a box you will write? Now let you free to play would not write freely? Just write, how comfortable I write, I just write their own, cool it, others behind how to say, in their own space, and not let the you go to the space of others talk nonsense, afraid what? I have a brick and abuse, but I never responded, I just do yourself.

if you do not know what to write here, you can start from the following five aspects

A: write life

everyone has his own life, have their own understanding of life and life, just write the feelings of life, not to mention too, think of how to write the article to make money, this is sometimes written text, you are afraid of making money? As I published two days before the article. 1 million 700 thousand of the amount of reading, if nature into their products or advertising, you also worry that others do not know? Also worry not sell.

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