Micro business misunderstanding decryption micro business how to make money

Now the overwhelming

derivative, the circle of friends has been playing out of order, chokedamp


derivative is exactly how profitable? By what means profit? How should do Wangzhuan


let us start with the analysis of each step of the way

1: understanding the micro business understanding of micro quotient


derivative is that you need a product agent, through the product price to earn profits, but the agent of this product or have a deposit system, or an agency fee, or to hoard goods, although the threshold is low, but not without threshold, it also makes a lot of people watching others make money with heart, and when receiving agent will publicize a variety of training, when you really go to the training, in fact, are nonsense, hair are not used, because they are like an actor, telling their story of success, but the number of micro business there is no success, no failure of the story experience, what is success and


is just a story

how to do it right?

In fact, the information sent through

operation, such as micro business now do many people, so many people do derivative plus friends is a problem, such as I do now is through 3 days with 1000 friends of the way, I sold my group to 88 yuan per person, a week hundreds of people join the

, why?

because a lot of people are taught micro business success, but many people do not understand how the Internet should do!

such as micro business, we have friends, your superiors tell you add group, people, effective really? Not necessarily


Internet should be popular, and now more than micro business, I sell plus friends method, through this method to profit is not faster than you sell the product, the customer to the precise


2: micro business training errors

you join a derivative product team, above would have money shots, there will be some experience to share, for example, now in the form of space, brush the credibility of screenshots, brush space customer feedback, these are really? Not necessarily, a lot of things can be made out of a lot of things. May not be true, so we have to lock is really false, it must make a change

first: do not look at the so-called collection of screenshots, see the product quality, buy a piece of this product, see how the quality of

second: do not look at the customer feedback screenshot, we look at how many users, this thing to see comments, not to see friends like

third: do not look at his ad, we go to collect the data of this product, the market to compare our products have much advantage

fourth: do not blindly chase from, not blindly pay, you have to look at your circle is not suitable, otherwise you circle is not appropriate, I ask you to sell to? Who buy?

if no one buys you

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