How to do holiday marketing

we all know the role of holiday marketing, not only can quickly improve the conversion rate, more important is to be able to step by step to enhance the visibility of the enterprise as well as a good image. For the hospital, the festival is a reasonable grasp of marketing. With the arrival of the festive atmosphere, many private hospitals have felt extremely heavy pressure. Holiday marketing how to do to be able to bring about the effective conversion of the hospital it has undoubtedly become a number of hospital marketers to explore each other and in-depth thinking. Of course, want to do holiday marketing, we must first recognize the focus of holiday marketing. So, the hospital how to do holiday marketing?


1, festival marketing is not price promotions

we all know the holiday marketing popular means is the price model, so many marketing planners will emphasize the importance of price, and the festival planning purposes are forgotten. If the use of the hospital holiday marketing price form, it can not be imagined as good as double 11. Why do you say that for consumers, in terms of medical treatment is more important is the credibility of the hospital, the hospital itself, the quality of medical services, the most fundamental thing is to be able to cure the disease. Blindly the use of price war, it is difficult to achieve corporate image and get effective conversion, and we should know, easy to fall when it is difficult to rise".

2, good creative, psychological

the ancients said: the army attack plan, which means the highest of the war lies in the strategy. The army attack plan, tactics. For hospital marketing, the most critical is how to focus on the psychological needs of consumers, the theme of planning activities must be unique and attractive, the ultimate is the ability to seize the hearts of consumers. Of course, the ability to obtain a wider range of publicity, but also need to further refine the selling point". The price war mode, special private hospitals in the festival people is the most commonly used methods, because of the "space used", people buy more and more low rate ". Blindly the price of the station model does not highlight what creativity, the real good idea is the so-called topic marketing, and combined with the actual situation of the hospital, will be fully integrated into the selling point of the continuity and continuity.

3, festival marketing effectiveness

holiday marketing effectiveness is mainly reflected in the theme is appropriate, whether in line with the objectives of the audience, the strategy has a high executive power, whether the activity has a lasting power, etc.. Holiday marketing process must be subject to the theme, the best theme is to cut into the life of the public, starting from a small event marketing. Of course, good creative activities, there is no higher executive power is not enough, execution is the most critical part of the holiday marketing process. Festival marketing activities in the planning also need to start, climax and end, so orderly rhythm, so as not to cause confusion and adverse reactions. Of course, the activity of the stage and continuity of grasp is the best way to improve the publicity campaign.

4, the data and assessment of

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