How to do the brand marketing of small and medium enterprises in the era of advertising resentment


small and medium sized enterprises especially the enterprise resources are very limited, whether funds or manpower arrangement, use should be very careful in reckoning. Venture companies often make the taboo is too technical led, founder and team to focus on the product, but the lack of emphasis on marketing. Do not say how dazzling your products, wishful thinking that will be more welcome by the target customers, if your product is not known to all, sales slump, the survival of the enterprise is a problem. Perhaps by pre funding enterprises can survive for a period of time, but sales do not, without a stable income, the enterprise is likely to have been out of "white" or even the shadow of the collapse.

in TV, radio, Internet advertising, signs, displays, mobile terminals and other forms of media are more and more diversified, more and more consumers "tricky", advertising is increasingly disgusted with the background of the very limited resources of small and medium-sized enterprises how to make the brand marketing work of


enterprise is certainly not like the financial strength of the enterprise as a money sea vote, although social media marketing is now doing well, seems to be a less expensive promotional way, more suitable for small and medium enterprises. However, we should also see, SNS, micro-blog, WeChat and other social media after nearly two or three years of rapid development, from extensive development began to intensive and meticulous farming. Many influential in the social media companies or entrepreneurs account is actually hired professional planning, public relations companies operate. Small and medium enterprises in order to make some achievements in social media marketing, even if they do not invest a lot of money, but also to invest a lot of labor costs. Do not say first China labor price rising, social media planning operators such as micro-blog excellent, editor, is hard to find. To recommend the following three viable low-cost brand marketing channels

1 virus marketing

Great power as

virus marketing a small stones into the calm lake, the moment seems to have provoked little ripples in the lake is calm again, but wait a moment, you will see the ripples in the ongoing layer extension, just a few minutes, the whole lake has concussion. This is the charm of viral marketing. Viral marketing costs less impact, but the degree of viral marketing must hold good, otherwise it may hit the company a gilded signboard. And how to plan a good viral marketing, it is really a matter of brain cells.

to achieve the effect of viral marketing to do the following six points:

(1) provides valuable products or services

(2) provides the means of conveying information to others without effort

(3) transmission range is easy to spread from small to large scale

(4) uses public initiative and behavior

(5) use >

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