A CEO completed the transfer of tens of millions of dollars of shares of Softbank Chinese


A station

get excellent soil A round of financing of $50 million after a barrage of video network Acfun to 36 krypton confirmation, Softbank Chinese tens of millions of dollars of shares.

round of financing specific information will be announced today, A station CEO sun min to 36 krypton revealed exclusively, at the same time they also completed the financing to complete the CEO baton, Moran will serve as the company CEO, sun min as president, will be responsible for A Station commercial this one.

Moran is sun min friends for many years, related work began to participate in the A station in the second half of last year, the Chinese Softbank capital financing is completed by him. According to sun Min said, "this is a position adjustment between friends."

this is the recent A second relatively large position adjustment, previously, Liu Yangfang served as the first station of A COO, responsible for the whole operation of the website, including business operations and investment management.

at A station this news broke out before financing, perennial unlicensed news, this financing is also to the A station the monkeys eat a reassurance. In the two dimension of the content of the era of the king, the money should be a lot of content will be spent on cooperation, the last financing to do the original content should also continue to increase investment.

in the end, the A station is an unlimited user experience Tucao users, is not the money spent on the entire technical system to improve the next.

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