FL man crashes lawnmower into cop car

first_imgA Florida man was arrested Sunday after police say he crashed a lawnmower into an officer’s vehicle.Gary Anderson, 68, was charged with drinking under the influence (DUI) after he allegedly drove a lawnmower into a police officer’s parked car causing minor damages to the bumper.Police say he then admitted to being drunk while operating the machinery telling the officer “F*** it, I’m drunk, take me to jail.”Anderson was arrested and charged for driving under the influence (DUI) after failing to complete several field sobriety tests and then attempting to deceive a test given to him at the police station.Anderson reportedly went back on his confession with his behavior shifting from being angry to joking multiple times.He then claimed police poisoned him and was transported to a local hospital where he completed a breath test which resulted in a .241, three times the legal limit.Cocaine was found in Anderson’s system as well.Following the incident, police added additional charges against Anderson including refusal to submit a DUI test with his license suspended.He remains in custody at the Polk County Sheriff’s Office on a $3,000 bond.last_img

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