How to use Baidu space website promotion

Baidu as a search engine in the Chinese market share can not be questioned, but all search engines are the same, in order to develop the more cosmopolitan strong development of their other products, such as Baidu encyclopedia, space, know…. Is to occupy more market space! Why should I choose Baidu? Using the market share of Baidu more of their products more favour, like space, Wikipedia, know the general search rankings are on the home page, the other is Baidu space is very easy to use, easy to use as post comments, in Post Bar posting.. Are very easy! Say so much in fact basically everyone knows, wordy ah in order to give new look.. Master float.. The following to get to


my method is as follows:

first step:

was the first to apply for a Baidu account name space, do not write their own name (the website is not conducive to long-term development of space, people will think you are advertising), data to be written, more complete, can be a bit of an exaggeration (keep passing) or upload photos or handsome beauty (more attractive), do your own website the Links, copy some articles from our website and take a link released! Do signature (it is very important to choose a suitable picture write on their website name best not to have a web site, or may the audit pass) in the home must be put on your own personal introduction incidental also leads naturally own site. Can I go and look at the Baidu space

The second step:

promotion, whether it is Baidu space or QQ space has a characteristic generally only someone visits your space you will return to see, visit means traffic, because the home page of your web site, there are some articles with links to articles, to say that as long as the visitors stay in your the space it is possible to your site to bring traffic, but there is a certain interest in the relevant content, here we should think of ways to increase the space flow, can be used on the space tool automatic step, but personally feel the effect is not too good, but there is a way to space there is a way to search for friends the manual, to visit other friends, with tag browser, search to a page just to the left of drag is good, can visit a dozen friends, then one can Turn off all the pages quickly. After a period of time should be able to have a space of thousands of visits, according to personal experience with friends and concern circles can bring more traffic. There are a lot of ways such as comments to other people, leave a message, a lot of skills. Post reply this article a lot of, not much to say, there is a little attention to the signature file is very important, because Baidu post bar is basically can not leave links.

This is

I use Baidu space to give your site with the flow, rather than promote your website directly, because I think Baidu space in Baidu promotion than our website in Baidu promotion is much better. The >

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