On the three issues of Enterprise Forum promotion

question one: the forum in the end what kind of effect?

some people think that the forum is to promote in the forum to send advertising posts, let some people see or click; some people believe that the forum should be like speculation Jia Junpeng sister Furong, that caused thousands of people attention, comments, affixed to the top, then rose to fame.

in fact, these two ideas can reflect the general forum to promote the real situation, because in the actual operation, we should not have unrealistic fantasy Sister Lotus, Jia Junpeng events that hype effect, can not be simply equated with a few advertising posts.

is a mature and rational attitude is soft, carefully prepared by posting content in the forum, so that the target users in the process to obtain some knowledge and information, pay attention to our products or brands, and then form a certain conversion rate; and the soft marketing strategy is not suitable for most speculation, not the advertising information products or brands in forum posts reflect too directly, because, do not forget, the common forum to promote not buy advertising, but a free resource, the administrator of the forum will have their management system and scale, you must adapt their rules, otherwise. Delete you!

, for example, an effective forum post, should at least let 10 people have browsing interest (otherwise it is of no value to the spam, it is easy to be deleted by the administrator), then at least 1 people click on the link, at the customer’s site.

in addition, the forum post is a very good search engine optimization means, the effect is far-reaching and long-term. This may be a lot of people do not know or understand. Simply, if we post links in large forum, pointing to the customer site, can greatly improve the performance of search engine website, so every day through Baidu, Google and other search over the flow will increase. This effect has even become the main target of SEO personnel occupation pursuit, because they know that the search traffic is usually the highest value of the flow, do PPC promotion a click is a few dollars or even tens of dollars.

question two: how to select the forum to promote the implementation of the team?

some registered forum ID, post, seems to be a very easy thing, so do the network forum to promote a lot of individuals and companies. However, in a large number of practical experience in the promotion of the forum to explore the experience and rules, and in-depth research methods and strategies, and thus the formation of an effective business model of the team, it is estimated that very few. Here, we dare not say that the standard setters, but can give a few principles for your reference:

1, well versed in forum soft creative content of the planning team, (the content is always the core, is the soul of


2, truly understand the rules of search engines (team sciolistic, may be due to the chain of disaster caused by excessive


3, owned operation

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