The combination of quality and quantity

Grassroots blog, to a large extent, the location of the blog depends on the quality of the blog. The quality of the blog, can be divided into two meanings: one is qualitative, the extent of the amount of log; log number, number. Some grassroots may think that for a real grassroots simply do not pay attention to the quality of the log, but also the quality and quantity may be inversely proportional.   I write this diary is not to discuss what kind of log is qualitative. The log itself does not have the advantages and disadvantages of each individual visitors to see the grassroots log, there will be a different feeling. To write this log is to communicate with grassroots if you want to improve the quality and quantity of blog log.

real can improve the quality of the blog elements. A lot of grassroots to see my blog, it is strange that, why every day to update it? Writing comes from life, blog can be regarded as a part of life, the same blog log material from the life bit by bit. Most people only complain that there’s nothing to write about. Calm and careful thinking, a day more than ten hours of life, is not a little life sentiment? Some will find reasons to say that he is not a very good person to write, for fear that people do not want to see a joke or forced to write their own. Log content is not the quality of the elements of the number of words, not in writing skills. Personally think that as long as it can be written really good. Even if it is a simple text to write a simple mood, as long as the intention to write, the blog will have a qualitative element. So do not look for reasons, afraid of the log is not good, remember, the real Bo, who will say that your blog log is a good blog.

update can increase the amount of elements of blog. The amount of elements is an accumulation process, which is also the process of updating. Depending on the frequency of blog updates. Once met a friend, said he one day does not write the log I would be less what, so every day new baked. Therefore, the accumulation of his elements faster. Update frequency, if the conditions are sufficient, it is best to insist on a daily update, but it is best not more than five. Too much, writing tired, readers are tired. If the condition is not sufficient, at least once a week. Even if you are busy working or studying, you should go up and see the people who give you a message. The grassroots is the biggest characteristic is easier to form a blog circle, to form a fixed communication circle will Sanlaiwu. Therefore, in order to consolidate the circle, we must learn to update the log. Moreover, the blog is a derivative of the Internet, with the characteristics of the Internet update. Do not half a month, or even a month, or longer, the content is not updated, so that the amount of blog will be less.

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