Recent Sumner County District Court cases filed by county attorney….

first_imgby Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — The following are a list of criminal court complaints recently filed by the Sumner County Attorney’s office.These are formal charges introduced into the Sumner County District Court system. The suspects listed in the complaint may have not been tried by a judge or jury. All citizens are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. •••••Allen H. Jeffery, Jr., born in 1986, of Pine Bluff, Ark.; and William Jeffery, born in 1963, of Van Buren, Ark. have been charged with two misdemeanors and two felonies in Sumner County for deceptive business practices.On March 20, 2013, the two men were charged for knowingly misrepresenting themselves in a sale of asphalt to Casey Frazier of Caldwell.According to the complaint, the two men said they told Frazier they were repairing U.S. 81 highway near Kingfisher, Okla. and were looking for a place to get rid of extra truck loads of asphalt at discounts. In reality they had not worked at the U.S. 81 Kingfisher location and instead obtained millings from a cement/asphalt plant near Enid where they paid $14 per ton.They then allegedly ended up spreading 20 tons which cost them $280. So they were deceptive about the quality of the product since it was not suitable for and was never used on a highway project and was offered not at a discount, but at a significant mark up. This is considered a deceptive commercial practice, a Class A misdemeanor.The Jefferys then allegedly failed to obtain a license from Sumner County as a transient business, according to the complaint, which is required if someone is offering goods or services for sale while traveling from place to place for less than six months each year in Kansas. That is a Class A misdemeanor.The complaint also said, the Jefferys’ also promised Frazier that they would do the job for $1.40 per square foot so he would not cancel the job. William Jeffrey then allegedly gave him a bill for $5,874 since the area spread with the milling was 169 feet by 16 feet. With the above offer, that would have made the bill $3,785. For this, the two were charged for theft by deception, a level 9 nonperson felony.They were also charged with conspiracy to commit felony theft by working together in this alleged scheme which is a level 10 person felony.The case has been continued to April 25, at 9 a.m.•••••Meloni Ray, born in 1977, of Belle Plaine pled guilty to battery, a Class B misdemeanor on April 1 in Sumner County District Court.According to the complaint, on March 25, 2013, Ray allegedly caused physical contact with a victim. She received a suspended sentence of six months in jail with one year probation. Special conditions of the probation include that she is to have no contact with the victim and three other individuals for 12 months. She was also fined $200 plus court costs.Ray was also charged with disorderly conduct, a Class C misdemeanor, but that charge was dismissed.•••••Gary Pfister, born in 1964, of Belle Plaine was charged with possession of methamphetamine, a drug felony; possession of marijuana, a misdemeanor; and possession of drug paraphernalia, a misdemeanor. The case has been continued to April 11, at 9 a.m.•••••Brandon Turner, born in 1993, of Hunnewell, has been charged with possession of marijuana, a misdemeanor; possession of drug paraphernalia, a misdemeanor; and speeding.•••••Carol Fitzwater, born in 1963, and Martin Fitzwater, both of Belle Plaine are charged with domestic battery, a Class B Misdemeanor and disorderly conduct, a Class C Misdemeanor.Both allegedly made physical contact to the other through hitting and leaving marks. They also used fighting words and brawled with one another, alarming their children. The case has been continued to April 18 at 9 a.m.•••••Linda Denny, born in 1960, of Derby, has been charged with identity theft, identity fraud, and conspiracy to commit identity theft — all three felonies.According to the complaint, Denny possessed and used a driver’s license of a Sumner County resident, born in 1950, in an attempt to defraud the Kansas Star Casino with opening a VIP checking account.Denny allegedly presented a fake driver’s license number in order to obtain the check cashing card. She also feloniously agreed with another person, John Kerbow of Wichita, to assist in committing the alleged crime.The court case has been continued to April 11.•••••Jerrod Portenier, born in 1981, of Wellington has been charged with possession of methamphetamine, a drug felony; and possession of drug paraphernalia, a misdemeanor. The case is continued to April 11.•••••Gerald Smith, born in 1949, of Wichita has been charged with two counts of burglary of a dwelling, both felonies; two counts of theft, one being a felony for over $1,000 loss and a one being a misdemeanor for under $1,000; two counts of criminal damage to property, both misdemeanors; and two counts of criminal trespassing, both misdemeanors.Smith allegedly broke into a home located at 486 E. 140th Street South in South Haven and stole a laptop, miscellaneous jewelry including watches, rings and a Bose cream-colored radio valued over $1,000.Smith then allegedly committed a theft at 524 E. 120th St. in South Haven.He allegedly took a gun and miscellaneous jewelry including rings and earrings valued less than $1,000.Smith is also accused of damaging a flat screen television at the 524 E. 120th residents.•••••Kelsey Denny, born in 1984, of Arkansas City is charged with possession of marijuana, a Class A Misdemeanor; and possession of drug paraphernalia, a Class A Misdemeanor.last_img

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