It took three minutes for the VAR to grant Varane’s goal

first_imgFinally, the Jienense referee gave the goal as valid after receiving the affirmative answer of the VOR room. Iturralde González, arbitral analyst of Sports Carousel, praised the performance of the assistant of Munuera Montero, Baena Espejo, in the action and explained that the game mills were so millimeter “They have a seven percent error”. “If you take three minutes to take the offside, you are within that 7% error”he added. Finally, it should be noted that the realization did not show the image with the offside line drawn at any time. Varane had to wait to celebrate his goal. The second goal of Real Madrid, the work of the French central, It took approximately three minutes to upload to the Alfonso Pérez Coliseum email since the VAR went into action for a possible offside of the white player. In the 52nd minute, Varane went ahead of Arambarri and Cabrera and headed to the bottom of the net a lateral foul superbly executed by Toni Kroos, but he had to restrain himself in his celebration since Munuera Montero had to wait for the confirmation of the VAR referee.last_img

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