Blog do clever link method

we all say that the content is the key to get links, this is true, but also to let you see your outstanding content. So for a new blog, it is necessary to get links to other blogs so that you can be found by more people, and more people will see. The application of the link is very skilled.

look at an example of error.

we often see this message:


, I am your loyal readers, like your blog, can you and I exchange links? My blog is * * * I have added the link to your site, thank you!

this application is often ignored by many people, why?.

1 message like a robot. This message is like a template, as we all say, there is no sense of communication between people.

2 does not give any benefits. This message does not indicate how the quality of the application of the link, why should exchange links, exchange links to the owners what benefits, etc., are not explained.

for a better understanding of the environment, this message is like you suddenly received a phone call, a hotel owner wants you to introduce their hotel to your friends. Would you agree? I’m sure there’s no reason. But in other cases, if the boss you know, or you have been to the store and feel good?.

is also the same as seeking friendship links. As suggested by the blog There are blog friends and I can do links. Do the following steps before applying for a link.

1 lets bloggers know you. In fact, very simple, to read his blog, leaving a few comments, saying that you insist on a week, he will remember your name.

2 adds to the content of the article, such as the introduction of one of his articles for a deeper discussion, or to your readers to introduce his blog, etc..

3 give a little "good"". I didn’t mean to buy. I mean, let him think he’s got something of value from you. For example, some of the blog will sometimes put some suggestions on the Adsense blog optimization.

4 message Shen link a bit of humanity, on his blog that what do you most admire what is good, let him think of you and I believe you are hard to apply for links instead of leaving such a similar spam.

obviously compared with the wrong example, some bloggers say to spend more than ten times the time, but greatly enhance the possibility of access to the link, especially the link to good blog. How would you choose


finally say, please do not apply this to

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