Network marketing PK war

      following the detailed talk about several methods of network marketing and the contrast of them, let you know which method can make their businesses to spend the least money to get the most benefits:
    & nbsp;; current network marketing the diversification, but the mainstream or PPC, SEO, information release of the 3. Then I would like to talk about their own personal understanding of these techniques.
      bring the current network marketing, will have to mention the bidding rankings. As a competitive ranking, of course, is a large search engine of a network marketing model. We take China’s largest search engine Baidu ( as an example to talk about ppc.

      competitive ranking is a kind of Baidu first paid by way of network promotion, with a small amount of investment can bring a large number of potential customers, effectively enhance the enterprise sales. There are more than 100 million people a day to find information in Baidu, Baidu registered in the enterprise and product related keywords, the enterprise will be looking for customers to find these products. PPC in accordance with the number of potential customers access to the enterprise accounting, companies can flexibly control the network to promote investment, get the maximum return.

      PPC has advantages, can in a very short time to appear in the search engine home page, can make the enterprise or individual can very quickly discover their potential customers; its disadvantage is that the relatively high fees. Click on the rate of charges would have been very fair, but some search engines to raise the price of malicious keyword auction, and even the organization of the team to carry out malicious clicks, the price of the auction price rose very high. And some search engines also malicious shielding those non competitive users.

      originally PPC is one of the best ways of network marketing, but now the development environment, resulting in his price decline, the ultimate benefit is not to do the bidding enterprises or individuals, but some unscrupulous search engine. So here I am strong BS them!!!

      of course, there are some very economic power of domestic enterprises or foreign enterprises, so it can burn the money, I personally do not agree, how do the bidding of some small and medium-sized enterprises or individuals, especially the popular keywords of the auction, after all, do the bidding is to make a good return.

      SEO, may not be a lot of professional network marketing people do not know him. In fact, SEO is the abbreviation of English search engine optimization, >

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