n 2015 what will happen to the big brand marketing investment

introduction: this time, many big brands are discussing how to develop next year’s budget, and expectations for 2015, it seems that many brands did not feel particularly optimistic.


this time, many big brands are discussing how to develop the next year’s budget, and for the 2015 forecast, it seems that many brands do not feel particularly optimistic. How China’s market confidence, from the brand’s budget and marketing trends may be judged. In September 26, 2014, the founder of Xinhao awards in the "golden cross investment award creative leadership group", a brand advertisers, and agency for 2015 to discuss the focus of the market and marketing investment, respectively, from CTR, McDonald’s, Tsingtao Brewery, nice, Lining, BBDO, Microsoft, Baidu, 100, 360, Google, Iqiyi, NetEase, network advertising and other company executives to participate in the discussion. Let’s see what they’re talking about,


market in 2015 is expected to slow growth, optimize investment, cautiously optimistic

growth slowed, the transition phase

market expectations for 2015, we all said that market growth will slow down. In fact, the 2014 macroeconomic data has shown that the trend of current Chinese 2014 economic operation is slow in stabilization, steady progress, the first half of China GDP grew 7.4%, expected annual growth rate is 7.5%, and the New International Monetary Fund and a number of investment bank forecast 2015 economic growth rate in May about 7%, China are entering from investment driven to innovation driven transformation of the "transition period", under the background of economic slowdown, as an economic barometer of the advertising market, the pace will naturally change.

market communication pattern has changed a lot

CTR, vice president Tian Tao said, 2013 to 2014, great changes have taken place in the market spread pattern, the traditional advertising market is very low, the television grew only 1.9%, newspaper magazine radio rapid decline, growth of 13%, while the traditional outdoor growth, only one digit, one hand to bring a lot of media the pressures and opportunities, on the other hand, also give advertisers budget making media brought confusion, from the media advertising revenue to predict the total field, that in 2015, the television media will still maintain the first volume of advertising, the trend of slow growth, newspapers and magazines continue to decline, or rapid decline, the radio will appear good growth but the Internet is still strong, forecast to maintain more than 40% growth rate.

large corporate marketing tends to conservative, will consider how to optimize and enhance the marketing

a well-known FMCG brands responsible person believes that in 2015 China’s consumer market to maintain a cautious optimistic attitude, I hope to focus on the big Ping

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