Talk about the 4 principles of profit planning website

The failure of

site may each have a reason, but successful sites have similar concept planning, how to be a successful website, we should learn from the successful experience of other sites, the following 4 principles of site planning, is the essential premise for a successful web site.

one, "KISS" rule: simple and simple, intuitive atmosphere of the site style!

have you ever heard of the "KISS" rule? "KeepItSimpleSilly", which applies to all sites. A good website, need the most intuitive tell users on this website, what is the value? Whether you can get the required? Site planning is easy to fall into a trap, that all may use web skills, such as: frames, tables, fonts, GIF animation and so on are used, but these concentrated in a page, often gives the impression of messy.

A concept of

we prefer is clear and effective design + technology = a good site, keep the true meaning is simple: think about how to make your site visitors the information with your expectations and needs are the same. Technology and results should be used in the right place, in the effective information, so that visitors pay attention to what they want to focus on.

two, to understand your users, do not let God wait for more than thirty seconds!

you should know the rule of Internet users: when users waiting for more than 10 seconds, is the basic of the site lost the first impression, if more than 24 seconds, the user can close the page, so the instant you site planning especially cattle, should not let you open the site for more than 30 seconds. If you exceed this time, you will lose your god.

In addition to

, the definition of a good site: providing high quality information to potential readers through elegant style design. Make sure your page layout is clear, allowing visitors to take a quick glance at your site navigation and know what you want to do next.

the more you know about your users, the greater your site’s influence. Do they want to hear music clips? You have to think about the music format on the page. Your users are textile workers, so it is best not to choose red and black blood, or they are hardcore gamers, you should avoid using soft colors and patterns.

for the site creator, the user is God, another way to please God is to allow them to get information when not more than three clicks. Think about it, when you visit a web site, click…… Click…… Click…… Click again…… Again…… How do you feel when you find the information you want, or if you haven’t found it yet?

three, familiar with the Internet 10 money making model, and determine their own model

if you, on the assumption of a risk of making money, but did not take into account how to make their own website to make money, then you can clear

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