Prefecture level city portal website some marketing experience

today is to share with you some marketing experience, Qianxi prefecture level city portal – Chinese Jinzhou network of local stations, especially some information network in less developed western city, rely on the limited network optimization promotion is very difficult to become bigger and stronger, only rely on practical marketing can really do for the local portal site. China Jinzhou network is the 2010 Revision of the line on the line in the past years, nearly four months, the domain name has a history of over seven or eight years. The real beginning of revision operation should be in mid August, we set up a good network team management, respectively responsible for technology, update content, news gathering, etc.. Then we work together to contact local businesses.

our local promotion in Xingyi from many aspects, but the main way is the following:

1, the local radio station with the meaning of cooperation. Guizhou Radio FM107.9 and FM88.3 released Chinese information network of Jinzhou people’s broadcasting station, Guizhou statewide about 6000000 listeners, the daily broadcast for the website brought great popularity


2, and with the local mobile phone newspaper "Jinzhou express", Guizhou Province, the only car "Guizhou mobile phone newspaper" cooperation, in the mobile phone newspaper is inserted in "more news in Jinzhou Chinese net" advertising language! "Jinzhou express" one hundred thousand registered users every day to make our website well propaganda! We also provide advertising services to the website picture "Jinzhou express", users can subscribe to our website advertising page for the "Jinzhou express". Similarly, we also only with Guizhou province "Guizhou car mobile phone newspaper" cooperation, in the "Guizhou car mobile phone newspaper" added advertising connection "more beautiful car models in Jinzhou Chinese network" to "cover! Guizhou automobile mobile phone newspaper" the province makes Chinese Jinzhou network to better promote to outside the local users. China! Let the outside world know Jinzhou more.

3, making the local propaganda leaflets in Guizhou, we printed 100 thousand small leaflets, through the activities of distribution, cooperation, and mobile business hall of the hotel bus cooperation, cooperation, promote the Jinzhou Chinese network in Qianxi Prefecture in the local point, 100 thousand copies of the leaflet to bring a lot of traffic to click Chinese Jinzhou local network, let users quickly know China network in Jinzhou.

4, I am still in the planning of the third, immediately implemented, through the local mall system with the local business cooperation. In the mall to give them a free shop, the use of N domain name to visit the store, and then pick out which is a few more than the strength of the home page picture recommendation. To tell the truth, in Xingyi to buy what to go a few steps to, online shopping is not practical, so going to see, shopping patterns under the net to buy with the Internet, is likely to launch a free home delivery service within the county. The most important point to keep businesses, talk about good, give them free shop, they want to sign with Jinzhou Chinese network advertising, then give them free they put up a shop address ad, let them.

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