My heart flies how to do a good job of enterprise website promotion

the reason why I write this article, because I mainly do is enterprise website, so the enterprise website owners or the boss is more friends, they have no common characteristics on the Internet is known, can be said that even Mao also touched, they don’t know how to promote their own this is the website. Second, recently often mixed Admin5, saw a lot of friends in writing articles on the SEO, and even some friends to SEO almost as a panacea, I think this is misleading, deliberately beautification SEO, then, as the enterprise stand speaking, how to better promote their website? I think it should be start from the following.

first, if in the domestic enterprise customer groups, website promotion choice should also be Baidu; of course, if you want to develop overseas markets, is the foreign trade business, website promotion or Google preferred. Why do you say that, because Baidu promotion or Google promotion effect can be immediate. The purpose of the enterprise do website is not only to establish their own online brand image, online products and so on, also should be the fastest to sell their products. Enterprises only make money in order to have a better development. This is the SEO can not be compared, because the SEO keyword pushed to the home page is not one or two days, sometimes 3 months or even longer, during which the website cannot be transformed into sales, the enthusiasm of the enterprises will not only fight against online business, also will hinder the development of enterprises.

it may be said that the Baidu or Google’s consumer is very powerful, but I also know that I think the reason of high consumption or keywords not looking good is one aspect, in the choice of keywords when you can avoid the high consumption of keywords, as: Steel friends, can choose A335P91 alloy tube A335P11, A335P11 alloy pipe, alloy pipe, A335P12 alloy pipe, alloy pipe, seamless pipe, so as to avoid such high words; on the other hand, there are also some sinister agents keywords malicious click customer situation, here, I also advise those agents who are black, not for a little while doing petty profits, sorry Baidu and Baidu customers that you hit the bowl, in turn, Baidu will hit your jobs!! Baidu is also kept in change their algorithm, Pure acquisition station in the Baidu algorithm is K or be reduced ranking is an example, because the presence of these stations, resulting in a reduction in the user experience of Baidu.

second, after completing the Baidu or Google promotion, should consider the site optimization, which is SEO. In fact, according to my feelings for more than a month, the site optimization is not very difficult thing, the key is to adhere to, step by step, not a fat man. This website optimization objective, is to consolidate the promotion of Baidu or Google promotion effect. In the first article, in order to save money deliberately avoided the high price of words, the purpose of the site optimization is these high priced words, because there are other Baidu or Google promotion >

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