How to attract and retain customers in the tourism community

the Internet with the community forum, so many new users are at a loss, I do not know so many Internet users decide on what path to follow, turn to Baidu, Google, even so, the search results are still tens of millions, how to grow slowly in the numerous living beings become a problem, operators have community forums.

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to Kang Sheng as the representative of the open source community growing, large community programs are readily available, this also led to China’s Internet community forum flood situation of uneven business qualification, BBS business has announced the Ministry of industry and information technology special approval requirements, but the operation situation and the actual implementation it is very difficult, moreover, the policy of the Ministry of industry and information technology is the webmaster of criticism. According to the provisions of the "People’s Republic of China order of the Ministry of information industry" Document No. third: electronic bulletin board service, refers to the Internet electronic bulletin board, electronic whiteboard, electronic forums, chat rooms, message boards and other forms of interaction provide information release conditions for Internet users behavior. In the Internet information services, to carry out electronic bulletin service, shall be in the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government or the telecommunications administrative authorities of the Ministry of information industry for the operation of the Internet information service license or the handling of non operational Internet information service for the record, make a special application or special for the record.

is not difficult to see that the electronic public service is in the form of interaction of Internet users to provide information release conditions, in this so-called WEB2.0 era, interaction has is a basic subject, in accordance with the provisions of all websites need to conduct a special record, but the probability of approval down is small. This is why the policy is an important reason for the webmaster must. But this did not stop the rise of China’s large-scale network forum community, every day the birth of a new community forum is too many to count, regardless of the policies and regulations, and no special record of the specific implementation, so many of the community how to game


it is always a pendulum in front of our community operator problem, we only rely on the same weapon is hard to beat, happy nets used what kind of weapon? Reputation or game? TWITTER what kind of weapon is unique or reputation? Then look at our tourism industry, so many travel how does the community development, it is of great significance to the operation of the tourism community? I always think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, the analysis is better than no good analysis. Here, more to express personal views, I hope you can have a little inspiration.

is a famous tourist community such as a forum, a lot of travel tour pal and fish community, the community has been in operation for many years, accumulated a lot of loyal users, as the opening talk, one never contact the travel community of users, to search after a good tourist community, he often precipitated as loyal customers we often call this the first printing effect, a little more ingrained in this old and active community? This is what we want to pursue a virtuous cycle, Internet users in the community. "

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